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Customer Testimonials

You can also find more reviews by clicking on a product and scrolling down to the reviews section, or by searching our stove on platforms like Youtube! Have a testimonal for us? Send us a text or and email and we will post your unedited testimonial! Thanks for helping us spread the word on our affordable and high quality product.

Tyler E, Montana

Man this stove exceeded my expectations. 1st fire inside my 32’ bus, after burning off, 78 degrees & climbing (27 outside rn). easy to hold at around 600 degree stove temp. the design of the secondary burn chamber is flawless & incredibly efficient. i can already tell it will push a nice long slow burn. I’ll make a (non-sponsored/ honest) review to upload on youtube tomorrow bud. thanks again. -Ty


Joe S, Washington

Got the stove yesterday. Doing first burn off today, tomorrow, and Sunday, and install next week. Will upload a vid on my Youtube and send a link when done. Thanks for such a magnificently well engineered and manufactured product! Looking foreard to some cold weather next year!



Craig, Georgia

Heeey Zane!

I said I'd send a couple pics when I had the stove up and roaring - I'm a little slow, but here's the Capybara in action. 




Dan, New York

We fired up the stove today for the first time.  Works great!  Feel free to use these pictures anyway you want.

Jennifer, Illinois

We couldn't be happier with our mini wood burning stove! The craftsmanship exceeded our expectations. Great customer service and kept us updated on the progress. We can't wait to get it installed in our tiny house! Going to make the perfect addition!

-via Etsy, 5 star rating.


Kenny, New Mexico

Stove arrived safely!!
It is awesome. Thanks!


Teresa, Idaho
Thank you! It arrived in good shape, it looks great! Thank you again 

Steve, California

Hi Zane,
I just received the stove here in Santa Rosa via UPS. The stove looks great & thanks for the prompt shipment. 

Ken, Washington

Thanks got it today! Looks great should be perfect for the rv

John R, Oregon 

Got it.....bolted the legs on and WOW. I almost bought a Cubic. With the larger firebox with the SAME foot print I'm soooooo glad I didn't. Thanks Zane You rock dude

Buddy K., Washington

    I so appreciate your fine craftsmanship and engineering on the Capybara wood stove you sent.

    It has increased firebox room for larger wood than my Cubic Grizzly.  And it burns longer and better, the way the flames circulate.  

    I have found that I can set a fire to start from the front or back, the sides, the bottom up, or down from the top of the wood.  That is amazing design for the draft flow!

    I really like the larger window for watching the fire and getting more heat out of it too.  Warming up food on the flat top is a plus, especially when the power goes out.

    Thank you for making this stove and selling it for an affordable price as I'm only on a low social security income.

    Yours truly, B. Kruger

Customer Videos
These are organic customer videos. We do not pay for people to give us reviews.
Youtube- "Self Reliance"

Youtube- "Ero the Gardener"

Youtube- "BudWeiser2"

Youtube- "ShempShoegrew"

TikTok- "Ovrlnd_duo"

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